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About Us

The Snack Doctor at KILLER SNACKS based in Las Vegas, Nevada with the assistance of a close friend who is a baking Aficionado created an unbelievably delicious “KILLER BATTER” Recipe. The KILLER BATTER is an Award Winning Batter that can be used for a number of recipes where you would use a batter like for pancakes, waffles or a number of other items, BUT at KILLER SNACKS we decided to go for something a little bit different by making mouth watering snacks like Deep Fried Oreos, MMM…MM.. ok how about our KILLER version of a Deep Fried PB&J using Deep Fried Nutter Butters where we drizzle a Raspberry Dessert Sauce or if you like REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups drizzle your Nutter Butters with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

Ok here is one for a Chocolate Lovers Delight Deep Fried Brownie Bites .. hang on let me catch my breath……….ok then for that extra splash to make it your own pick your favorite topping we offer including our Raspberry Dessert Sauce, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup, White Chocolate, Caramel or the ole traditional Powdered Sugar. Are you ok? Mouth Water yet? We like to say the “Snacks2Die4”.

So your thinking, what about a Healthy Snack 2 Die 4? We thought of that one too….. how about a Gourmet Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana? We call them “KGB’s” that stands for KILLER Gourmet Bananas. Now some of the other companies use a cheap chocolate to save money, but that’s not our style at KILLER SNACKS. We use a ripe banana and a very high end Swiss Dark Chocolate. Now do you want it rolled in nuts, sprinkles, crushed Oreos or one of our other scrumptious coatings? Now here is one for you…get ready…….How about one of our special KGB’s? Shhhhhh Gourmet Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas filled with Peanut Butter! Did you read that correctly? Yes you did. Now that is a HEALTHY KILLER SNACK 2 Die 4.

Here is another New KILLER Taste Sensation, Jumbo BBQ Chicken Franks. WHAT? You heard me, Jumbo BBQ Chicken Franks or also known as a BBQ Chicken Hot Dog. For those who want something healthier then beef or beef & pork try the Chicken. And what’s better then a great BBQ Chicken? The Snack Doctor created his own KILLER BBQ Sauce years ago where he has been sharing it with other all over the country for a long time now.

So we take our KILLER BBQ Sauce which is sweet n tangy and coat the Chicken Frank place it in a fresh hot dog bun then you can top off your frank by adding fresh diced onions and shredded Cheddar cheese. Oh yea we also have a KILLER BBQ Sauce which is sweet n tangy with a kick, ok a bit of heat. This KILLER BBQ Sauce will get all of your killer taste buds a jumping for more. OMG!

The Snack Doctor says get ready for a whole new taste sensation by following our slogans“TASTE THE DIFFERENCE” or BITE ME! Come on, you know you want to. Ok, so where can you go to “Taste the Difference”? Follow us on Face book & Twitter at the KILLER SNACKS Club to keep your fingers on the pulse of a whole new snack sensation taking the world by storm one KILLER BITE at a time.

More info coming soon