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Welcome to Killer Snacks Las Vegas

The Snack Doctor says get ready for a whole new taste sensation by following our slogans “TASTE THE DIFFERENCE” or BITE ME! Come on, you know you want to. Ok, so where can you go to “Taste the Difference”? Follow us on Facebook & Twitter at the KILLER SNACKS Club to keep your fingers on the pulse of a whole new snack sensation taking the world by storm one KILLER BITE at a time. Click Here for more info

Killer Snacks Las Vegas Events

Killers Snacks will be attending several events in Las Vegas please Click Here for more info and locations.

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Shark Cartoon
Have a little laugh and look at some of the funniest shark cartoons and images

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Killer Snacks at Nascar

Killer Snacks

Will be at several events in Las Vegas, Stop by mention you seen us online and recieve a FREE sample.

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